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Quality product, great cause

Very happy to have a way to show support for an important local figure, and the button and magnet are cute and seem well made

Antifa T-shirt
Graham Warner

Antifa T-shirt


“Jason Kenney is a Fascist” T-shirt


Great quality!

“Fuck You Minister” Sticker 4-pack

On point.

The visual is poignant and on point. Canada has much to reckon with and had blood on its hands. It’s fitting that the flag be altered to reflect that.

Cancel Canada Day Sticker
Mary Grace dela Torre
The Cancel Kkkanada Symbol We Need Today

As soon as Adam posted these in his stories, I placed an order for ten stickers as fast as I could. Knowing half my purchase was going to Bear Clan Patrol made it an easy sell. This is a darker design but in a time when canada is having to reckon with both its past and present, literal sticker shock is the primer canadians need to do real reconciliation work with the potential to heal and transform. This design is allyship in action and I am here for all of it.

So great!

The stickers arrived quickly and look great! I can't wait to get more. Super high quality.

Antifa Sticker
High quality!

Well-printed and sturdy, in the sense it's not going to fade or peel off any time soon. This sticker will be the cause of dirty looks from estranged conservative relatives at awkward family gatherings for years to come.

Kee Kee Reow!

Who can name that reference?! But for real. This Playkitty is the tiger bunny we never knew we needed. I LOVE the quality of the stickers and of course Ali’s design crushes again! Be cool. Buy playkitty stickers! 🐯🖤🐰


Cool kids buy tiger kitty postcards. Be cool. And buy tiger kitty postcards. Fast af shipping. Quality af art. 🐯🖤🐱

More anti-JK please!

Love the work you’re doing to oppose Alberta-style fascism.

Great Quality and Messaging!!

I absolutely love this tote!! It’s a real conversation starter ;) plus I have the pleasure of seeing Kenney supporters role their eyes when I walk by. It’s quality is amazing and I’m so stoked I purchased it!!

Love my stickers!

I'm sharing my Fark That stickers with all my friends. Everyone loves them! They arrived lickety-split with a hand written thank you note - what more could you want!
Fark That buttons - that's the only thing I could want more.

Excellent T-Shirt

My partner adores his Kenney is a Fascist shirt! Very high quality, comfortable fabric. Excellent image transfer.

The best shirts

The shirt quality is great! True to size, graphics are clean and clear. Got a lot of looks at the dog park :)

“Jason Kenney is a Fascist” T-shirt
Morrison Cole - Williamson

Best shirt made by the best people. Thanks again !

Antifa T-shirt
Marissa Hare

Grade A stickers.

Love the soap!! i have hand eczema and it has done wonders already for it!
The hand written thank you note and the stickers in the package were such a lovely touch. Cannot recommend this soap enough!

Antifa Tote

Tired of fascists? Looking for a clap back sure to twist their panties? Look no further! Tigertail has you covered with their quality cotton tote complete with brightly colored font ready to make your local fascists cry. Like the babies that they are. Whether you’re picking up some oat milk from your local grocery or simply sending a message to your shitty neighbor, Q Qlux Qevin, do it with style, do it with class, & do it with this dope af tote!

you want these!

Awesome stickers! Delivered quickly with a hand written note (very nice extra touch IMO!). Thanks for the amazing work you guys do!

I love it!

Excellent stuff y'all. I'm a big fan.

Best quality antifascist garments out there!

Cozy and soft cotton Antifa tee; colours are sharp and bright; design is ON POINT. Love this - want to get one for all my friends. Thanks Tigertail!