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The new colour palette is *chef's kiss*. If this were a t-shirt I'd totes buy it.

Antifa Sticker - Series II
Rebecca Lippiatt

Love the design and really appreciate the personalized service!

Great Sticker. Excellent Customer Service

Great quality sticker. Sent very quickly in the mail. Excellent customer service.

Buy These Before They (and Smith) Are Gone

Great Stickers. Excellent Quality. Amazing Customer Service.

I lived in this shirt

This shirt is so dang cozy that I wore it too much. Downside is that my size is now sold out, upside is that sizes available can fit two of us in there. Yesss!

Antifa T-shirt
Elodie Caron
New favorite t-shirt

I love it. It doesn't need any wearing in, it's super soft and comfortable and the graphic is solid. Excellent quality, and great customer service.

I know live in this hoody. 10/10


The Calgary Pennant is amazing, in all its hand-crafted glory!

Great product and service

Love the hand written thanks I’ve received with two orders now.

Definitely Recommend

My new favourite sweatshirt! The black and orange is so perfect and the printing is flawless! A Kenny is a fascist sticker was also included - what a great bonus.

Water is Life

Love this tshirt.

top quality and awesome design! thanks again


So happy with my hoodie.
Good quality, super comfy, and quality lettering!

This shirt says the thing that I feel

Would buy again. Jason Kenney is a cancer to democracy. Glad to tell the world how I feel.

Water is Life T-shirt for Tiny House Warriors

PRE-SALE ONLY: Selena Osborne × Tigertail Crying Heart T-shirt
Tara Graham

Love this T-shirt! I love the artist even more.

Anti-Fascist, Pro-Fashion

Great design and great fitting tee!

great quality!

Bought for a friend for her birthday. She loved it!

Farking Fantastic

I bought some Fark That stickers and they worked! 10/10 would recommend!

Very Effective

Goodbye Farkas!

Excellent customer service and wonderful quality!

Love the design and the quality of the sticker is solid as well.

FARK NO - Sticker

I love the sticker! Sleek design and the message is clear. No to Jeromy Farkas.

best way to express your opinion

Not voting for Fark No is a given so being able to share my views with these stickers is the best.